The White Lady

At Charles Fort near Kinsale in Ireland roams the mysterious White Lady! The fort was built in 1667, and shortly thereafter a strict disciplinarian by the name of Colonel Warrender was put in charge. His daughter, named “Wilful”, fell in love and married Sir Trevor Ashurst. On the evening of their wedding day, the happy couple to a stroll along the fort’s battlements. Wilful spotted some beautiful flowers, and expressed a desire to have them. They were halfway down the battlement wall, so a nearby sentry offered to climb down and get them for her, while her husband took over his guard duties.

Sir Trevor agreed, and took the soldiers jacket and musket while the sentry went to search for a rope to use in his climb. After securing some rope, the sentry began his descent towards the flowers. Sir Trevor in the meantime had fallen asleep, when along came the governor making a spot check. He challenged who he thought was the sleeping sentry, and received no reply. Realising the soldier had fallen asleep on duty; Colonel Warrender drew his pistol and shot him dead – the penalty for dereliction of duty.

Upon inspecting the body, Colonel Warrender stood aghast. He had shot his own son-in-law dead! His daughter came running upon hearing the shot, and when she realized what had happened, threw herself off the battlements to her death. Her father, overcome with remorse, shot himself later that night.

The “White Lady” has been spotted ever since. She was spotted by a Major Black who saw her roaming about weeping in the early 19th Century. In 1880, she was seen by two officers; a captain by the name of Marvell Hull and a Lieutenant Hartland. They were making a room to room inspection of the premises when they were affronted by a woman in a White Dress. When she turned towards them, they were confronted with a lovely, yet colourless face, before disappearing through a locked door. Later, the same officers were flung down a flight of stairs by an unknown force.


About mbohagen

I`m a freelance writer of esoteric subjects. Researching obscure and interesting locations in Ireland for paranormality is my favourite past-time.
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